Is It Better To Buy Organic Food?

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Are you curious if you should be buying organic food?? Let's discuss!

Any particular food is not simply a food, because it depends on the quality. For example, not all veggie burgers are the same, some are healthy and others can be toxic. Depending on the ingredients.

The way produce is farmed changes whether or not a food is healthy for you. Farming methods determine nutritional value and flavor. As well as the levels of pollution, both to us and the environment.

To boil it down, there are two buckets of farming for produce in America: conventional and organic.

Conventional farming uses pesticides and synthetic fertilizers often containing GMOs.

Organic crops are grown without the use of these chemicals.

Which is better, organic produce or conventional?

Organic food is far better for our health because it isn't grown with chemicals. Straight up. Toxic conventional farming supplies seep into the soil and water, and make us sick! Soil and water are sacred resources and should be protected. Not taken for granted. Organic produce also has better flavor and more nutrient density.

Conventional farming poisons the earth and thus the animals, the humans (us!) and most especially the farm workers. Conventional "farm" workers are often covered head to toe in hazmat gear. Can you imagine such a need!? Conventional farming doesn't look much like farming at all, it looks more like a hazardous laboratory situation.

The thing is, we’re so removed from where our food comes from that we don’t even realize.

I choose to buy all organic produce and packaged products because I want to support the industry. Companies producing organic food actually care about their customers and about the planet. Not only their profit margins. Big food and big agriculture companies who support conventional farming will do anything to increase sales. They lie, confuse and poison the masses for the sake of business.

For more on the truth about food in America, please read this book: Feeding You Lies. Please read this book!

If you can't commit to buying 100% organic, there are still some meaningful options!

What Food Is Most Worth Buying Organic?

There's a yearly list put out by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) called the Dirty Dozen (and Clean Fifteen).

The Dirty Dozen means that pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or other harmful chemicals used in conventional farming are sprayed directly on the part of the plant that we eat. And so avoid these foods the most! Anything not on this list is less toxic. And anything on the Clean Fifteen contains the least pesticide residue of all, so those are your best bet for conventional.

I carry a tiny little version of the cheat sheet around in my wallet for easy reference (just screen shot below!), having it on hand helps a lot.


I hope this helps, let me know of any Qs below! I love hearing from you.