How To Stop Feeling Crazy Starving All Of The Time


I used to eat A LOT of food, feel so physically full that I couldn’t move and yet I’d still want to eat more. It was nuts! This left me feeling confused, defeated and hopeless. How could my body never have enough? Why did I always want more?

This is a common thing – eating a lot of food and still feeling starving.

Now it’s been a couple of years since my days of never feeling satisfied or like I could eat forever, and it’s largely due to understanding one small detail about how the body works –

Our bodies’ have TWO receptors to know when we’re full. Stretch receptors which we all know about but also nutrient receptors. We need to eat a nice amount of bulk, but we also need to make sure our food has nutritional value in order for the body to stop wanting more. This is because we need vitamins, minerals and nutrients to function and be alive.

Here are my 3 top tips for how to stop feeling crazy starving all of the time:


Foods that grows from the earth are loaded with everything you need to thrive! For starters, nutrients: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water. Then also fiber, moisture, roughage and low-calorie bulk. Nutrients are the fuel your body literally needs to function, to have energy and take care of itself. Fiber, moisture and roughage are like brooms for your digestive tract! As high-fiber food passes through you it scrapes your insides and brings gunk along with it, helping to detoxify and eliminate waste (i.e. big poops!!)

Therefore, real food from nature will work wonders for satisfying your nutrient receptors and letting your brain know you’re full. When your body has the nutrients it needs, you will feel calm, satisfied and totally full.

Real food from nature: vegetables are king but also whole grains, beans, legumes, fruit, raw nuts and seeds, raw nut and seed butters, high-quality oils (olive, avocado and coconut are my faves) and fresh water.


By starting your meal with something wholesome and nutritious, you satisfy your body’s deepest needs for nutrients right away. When you’re hungry, these foods taste the most delicious and you’re more likely to eat more of them. Then, if you want to have some less-nutritious food on top, go for it! You will naturally eat less of it because you have already satiated your nutrient receptors.

Less-healthy food is tasty and serves a purpose, it can be thought of as soul food, an indulgence or often times as an experience. But remember! The whole point of eating is to provide your body with the nutrition it needs on a fundamental level, so start there at every meal and you will strike a great balance!


A lot of “food” today is fake, made of chemicals, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or synthetic ingredients. This processed “food” made in science labs is harmful to your body, has no nutritional value and is engineered to be addictive. That’s right! There are specific (unnatural) ingredients added that make you want to eat more-more-more. This is the opposite of real food from nature. These fake foods are confusing for the body to digest which causes build up and sickness. They are also small servings for the high calories which means it’s really easy to overeat them but still not feel full.

In other words, fake food takes a lot of calories to meet your stretch receptor needs and also may never meet your nutrient receptor needs. Therefore it’s a serious lose-lose to eat these foods that don’t grow in nature because you could eat a lot of them and still feel STARVING. If you want to keep these foods in your life, that’s ok but minimize them and make sure to overflow your body with nutritious food first.

Fake food: ingredients you can’t pronounce or wouldn’t stock in your pantry on their own or “food” that has been processed by machines and have long shelf lives.

To this day, I always focus on eating my veggies and flooding my body with nutritious food. This way I don’t have to worry about restricting less-healthy food, but I naturally eat less of it because my body has what it needs and craves less.

Ready for a fresh start!? Want to wipe the slate clean and feel the best you ever have!?


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