How To Stay Healthy While Traveling – 6 Easy Tips

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Travel is the bomb! It feels so good in so many ways. To let loose, change climate and see some new scenery. Food, drinks, friends!

It's good exercise for your mind, too. To change-up scenery and see who you are in new scenarios. Instead of feeling anxious about your upcoming trip, use it as a chance to strengthen your habits! And to commit to your lifestyle.

Remember! If you're living the way you want to be most of the time, and falling off only some of the time, then that small sometimes is where the opportunity lies. My routine is easy but when I'm out of the norm, it takes a bit more work.

I'm traveling to Japan in a few weeks, and so am gearing up and reminding myself about the state of mind I want to be in. If my state of mind is in the right place, my actions will follow.

Michael Bosstick, husband of The Skinny Confidential says that when he travels he thinks of it as stepping into the arena. I REALLY LIKE THAT. It means as you embark on a trip, prepare to be alert! Be aware, cognizant, decisive and calculate what you're doing. Rather than thinking that anything goes, get excited to put yourself to the test. And PERFORM!

Don't plan to clean up the mess when you're back, instead, don't make a big mess in the first place. Show up for yourself and take care! In these times more than ever, because this is where the risk is and where the opportunity lies.

Because everything you do shows up at some point in some way.

Here are my top tips for keeping healthy while traveling -

1. Pack dessert. For me this is usually Hu Bars. Or any satisfying dessert that doesn't have refined sugar or chemicals. I find that when I leave dessert to chance I end up eating harmful foods. Crappy desserts from a store or restaurant, loaded with sugar, chemicals and GMOs. With zero fiber and no nutritional value. Or I eat more dinner than I want to, trying to satisfy the desire for something to finish my day off. I need something to shut the day down. I love dessert, but it can be toxic. Do yourself a solid and bring options!

2. Eat veggies at every meal. This is always important but especially while traveling. When indulging in so many irregular things, you want as much moisture, roughage and fiber as you can get. Veggies keep things moving. And everybody loves to poop, amiright?! They're high in nutritional value to keep you feeling satisfied and energetic. And they're bulky for the calories, too, so you can eat a LOT of them and no harm done. You'll feel vibrant, de-bloated and sane.

3. Do some research in advance. This applies to travel within the U.S., more than an exotic foreign country, but can be a helpful thought to keep in mind. Find clean restaurants or grocery stores near where you'll be staying or going. This way you'll know where to get supplies if needed. This can be for food, mixers for cocktails or filtered water. Also chemical-free sunscreen or products, or anything else. You're more likely to stick to your healthy routine if you know in advance where to find the supplies you need. Usually there are options nearby but it's much easier and more effective to find them in advance!

Advanced research also applies for exercise. See if there are any studios or classes in your area that interest you. Or find out if your hotel has a gym. Easy ways to get some exercise could be to walk a lot on your trip, or bike and hike.

Any movement will help you stay grounded and connected to yourself! So take whatever you can get.

4. Pack smart for exercise. I usually plan for exercise that's done barefoot or without sneakers. So I don't have to bing an extra pair of shoes just for working out. A great way to keep things minimal is to bring one workout outfit or only a few pieces made from quick-dry fabrics instead of materials like cotton. This way you can let them air out and wear them a few times before needing to wash. This helps a lot with minimal packing. And also increases your chances of working out multiple times! Because you can reuse your outfit as needed without hassle.

5. Be mindful with your cocktails. This is an easy win and adds up to huge benefit! It's easy to go crazy with fancy drinks and cocktails while traveling. But those calories, chemicals, sugar, GMOs and nastiness add up QUICK. Try to keep things hydrating and simple when it comes to your alcohol. Think straight up or on ice, use water or seltzer as mixers and add lots of fresh citrus or herbs for flavor. Organic wine is a great option, too. It's also helpful to drink a glass of water between alcoholic beverages! STAY HYDRATED.

Which brings me to my final tip…

6. drink water like it's your job. It's easy to get swept away while traveling, wanting to experience new places and cultures through food. There's so much time on our hands and new things to do, it's only natural to indulge and go a little bit over the top. That's OK, but remember, it's about being mindful and making good choices in the midst of it all. Drinking water flushes and hydrates the body. And also helps keep you from feeling starving. Sometimes people confuse dehydration with being hungry. I often feel like drinking water makes me feel cared for and grounded, like I'm on top of my shit. This is an easy one and VERY BENEFICIAL.

These tips are awesome for everyday life, but I find them especially important to remember when traveling. (Or any time I'm on the go and out of my routines). All your choices show up when you're back from your trip! Which always is faster than expected, so take care no matter what, where or when!

What are your top tips for traveling?? Share ideas below. I’d love to chat.