How To: Better Gut Health Will Solve Your Problems


A healthy gut means better, faster and easier digestion. It also means bigger poops, faster weight loss and a stronger immune system. You can expect better assimilation of nutrients, clearer skin and a happier mood!

Inside our stomachs are little ecosystems of organisms. With systems and infrastructure in place, everything working together toward a common goal. There are all kinds of bacteria, organisms, acids and fluids. The healthier the environment (the more potent and clean with less toxic waste and build up) the better it will function.

Over time, as our systems grow older and things gunk up, the environment inside of us is less than perfect. We ingest acidic, chemical or synthetic /processed food. Sugar, antibiotics, drugs and alcohol. And we experience stress. All things that deplete the health of our internal organs and intestines. Bahh.

And so, it's mighty important to be mindful and take steps to have healthier insides. To gain all the incredible benefits of optimized gut health!

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3 steps to improve the health of your gut–

1. Do a real food cleanse

Real food cleansing (aka whole food cleansing) is a great way to heal the body and gain health. Because it floods your system with nutritious foods that help break up and remove toxic build up and waste. Also giving your body a break from things that are difficult to digest. You will improve the health of your gut. And in turn, ease your digestion, lose weight, have glowing skin and find mental clarity. Real food cleansing is something I live by. I could have never become healthy or recovered from binge eating without it. For a free real food cleanse, click HERE.

2. Eat fermented foods

Fermented foods are loaded with live cultures and probiotics, good bacteria that are healthy for the gut. These foods aid digestion, help keep you regular and strengthen your immune system. Some of my favorites are raw sauerkraut, fresh kombucha or fresh kimchi.

3. Take some key supplements

Supplements are something I keep to a minimum. But I do find them valuable and effective for restoring gut health. I would recommend the following supplements {use them as directed}:

Digestive enzyme: click HERE.

Probiotic: click HERE.

Flor-EssenceTHIS STUFF IS LIFE-CHANGING, I'm going to do a full post on it because it's that amazing and effective. Ever feel like you're healthy but have a dense lump in your stomach that you can't seem to remove?? This stuff will do the trick, it's mind-blowing! The DIY version or  the pre-made version are both great options depending on your lifestyle and budget (I do DIY).

Bonus!! Treat yourself to colon hydrotherapy

Gravity-centered colonics are something I believe in whole-heartedly. They are especially effective during or after a cleanse or at least while you are eating a clean food diet of mostly plants and food from nature. Colonics aid elimination and gently remove toxic waste and build up from the colon. Pretty cool! I always feel flat tummy and glowing after.

If you live in NYC I recommend Colon Therapy NYC, tell Cassie I sent you, she's the best!

Enemas are another form of colon hydrotherapy as they also aid in stool evacuation through the use of water. But they are done at home. If you're on a budget or would prefer to do this kind of thing in private, give an enema a try!

Aside from these ideas, real food from nature also help keep the gut moving along and functioning optimally. Fresh fruits and veggies, healthy fats, whole grains, beans and legumes. And lots of fresh filtered water!

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