The Simple Cleanse I'm Grateful For + Why

The Simple Cleanse I'm Grateful For + Why.png

Have you ever felt like you do everything right yet your body just will not change?! If so, this post is for you!

This is often a controversial point of view over here! But I am so firm in my beliefs.

I'm a former binge eater who now hates dieting and restriction of any kind, but I love (and I mean *LOVE*) real food cleansing.

Because it has saved me from the despair of feeling fat, sick and out of control with my body. Real food cleansing always brings me back home. It heals my body and mind and makes me feel like my BEST SELF. Every.single.time.

Whenever I do a real food cleanse, whether it's for 5 days or 21 days, I'm reminded and reassured that my body is not broken. In fact, my body is an amazing machine that knows exactly what to do when I feed it the right fuel.

Real food cleansing is not about deprivation or starvation. It's about FLOODING your body with the right foods. Simple, real food from nature that your body knows how to handle and that it can use.

Real food cleansing scrubs your insides, pulls out gunk and makes you poop! Therefore you heal your gut, lose weight and have glowing skin. Like, GLOWING skin.

It also makes you THRIVE, because the foods you eat are loaded with nutrients. Real food cleansing will make you feel alive, energetic and radiant.

To top it all off, the real foods from nature you eat on a real food cleanse are bulky for the calories. So you can eat a lot of food, until fully satisfied, and not have to worry at all about overeating.

Plus plus! This kind of high-quality and real food shuts off your nutrient receptors. So you will NOT feel crazy starving all of the time, or any kind of starving. You will feel content, satisfied and at ease.

What is a real-food cleanse?

A specific meal plan that floods your body with high-quality, high-fiber food. Real food that's loaded with nutritional value and easy for the body to digest. You can eat as much of these specific foods as you need. At the same time, you will not be eating any food that is difficult for the body to digest. Or any food that is toxic or loaded with chemicals. Simple as that.

What are the benefits of real food cleansing?

  • Know exactly what to eat and eat as much as you need

  • Lose weight, heal your gut and gain radiant skin

  • Flood your body with nutrients to feel more energetic and ALIVE!

  • Remove toxic build-up and waste from the body

  • Give your digestive tract a break and a chance to do some housekeeping

  • Get in touch with yourself and realize healthier opportunities to bring with you into day-to-day life

Why is real food cleansing controversial?

As a former binge eater and as a Coach specializing in binge eating recovery, I urge my students to end all dieting. I encourage clients to remove restriction from there lives completely. So sometimes, when I talk about real food cleansing, I get confused or angry comments or responses.

Some people feel that real food cleansing is a form of restriction. And that it can lead to disordered eating tendencies. And I agree this may be true. That sometimes after doing a real food cleanse people can snap and binge eat on the back end. In fact, this has happened to me. Regardless, the experience of real food cleansing is beyond worth it. Especially if someone is binge eating regularly anyway. Because the awareness and physical benefits are so great. The lessons learned are worth more in the bigger picture than any backlash that follows in the short term.

These benefits provide proof and hope that change is possible. And a clear understanding of the relationship between food and the body. It shows you that your body functions and that you can feel amazing inside of your skin. This is hope, motivation and excitement to move toward change.

Cleansing also cuts physical addiction to animal or processed food. This helps you move forward with a healthier and less addicted pallet. "A clean slate."

When I guide clients through a real food cleanse I encourage them to eat as much as they need! So there's no restriction there. Only guardrails on what foods to eat. It's hard to overeat when eating high-quality real food and mostly plants. We also often make modifications or additions, to make sure people feel satisfied. The goal is to feel peaceful and supported, not deprived in any way.

If you're interested in a real food cleanse, snag a free one HERE! If you have any questions or want to talk about modifications, just send me an email and we can discuss! I'm really excited for you to meet your BEST SELF. She'll come around quicker than you think!


With love,