The Simple Cleanse I'm Grateful For + Why

The Simple Cleanse I'm Grateful For + Why.png

Have you ever felt like you do everything right yet your body just will not change?! If so, this post is for you!

This is often a controversial point of view over here! But I am so firm in my beliefs.

I'm a former binge eater who now hates dieting and restriction of any kind, but I love (and I mean *LOVE*) real food cleansing.

Because it has saved me from the despair of feeling fat, sick and out of control with my body. Real food cleansing always brings me back home. It heals my body and mind and makes me feel like my BEST SELF. Every.single.time.

Whenever I do a real food cleanse, whether it's for 5 days or 21 days, I'm reminded and reassured that my body is not broken. In fact, my body is an amazing machine that knows exactly what to do when I feed it the right fuel.

Real food cleansing is not about deprivation or starvation. It's about FLOODING your body with the right foods. Simple, real food from nature that your body knows how to handle and that it can use.

Real food cleansing scrubs your insides, pulls out gunk and makes you poop! Therefore you heal your gut, lose weight and have glowing skin. Like, GLOWING skin.

It also makes you THRIVE, because the foods you eat are loaded with nutrients. Real food cleansing will make you feel alive, energetic and radiant.

To top it all off, the real foods from nature you eat on a real food cleanse are bulky for the calories. So you can eat a lot of food, until fully satisfied, and not have to worry at all about overeating.

Plus plus! This kind of high-quality and real food shuts off your nutrient receptors. So you will NOT feel crazy starving all of the time, or any kind of starving. You will feel content, satisfied and at ease.

What is a real-food cleanse?

A specific meal plan that floods your body with high-quality, high-fiber food. Real food that's loaded with nutritional value and easy for the body to digest. You can eat as much of these specific foods as you need. At the same time, you will not be eating any food that is difficult for the body to digest. Or any food that is toxic or loaded with chemicals. Simple as that.

What are the benefits of real food cleansing?

  • Know exactly what to eat and eat as much as you need

  • Lose weight, heal your gut and gain radiant skin

  • Flood your body with nutrients to feel more energetic and ALIVE!

  • Remove toxic build-up and waste from the body

  • Give your digestive tract a break and a chance to do some housekeeping

  • Get in touch with yourself and realize healthier opportunities to bring with you into day-to-day life

Why is real food cleansing controversial?

As a former binge eater and as a Coach specializing in binge eating recovery, I urge my students to end all dieting. I encourage clients to remove restriction from there lives completely. So sometimes, when I talk about real food cleansing, I get confused or angry comments or responses.

Some people feel that real food cleansing is a form of restriction. And that it can lead to disordered eating tendencies. And I agree this may be true. That sometimes after doing a real food cleanse people can snap and binge eat on the back end. In fact, this has happened to me. Regardless, the experience of real food cleansing is beyond worth it. Especially if someone is binge eating regularly anyway. Because the awareness and physical benefits are so great. The lessons learned are worth more in the bigger picture than any backlash that follows in the short term.

These benefits provide proof and hope that change is possible. And a clear understanding of the relationship between food and the body. It shows you that your body functions and that you can feel amazing inside of your skin. This is hope, motivation and excitement to move toward change.

Cleansing also cuts physical addiction to animal or processed food. This helps you move forward with a healthier and less addicted pallet. "A clean slate."

When I guide clients through a real food cleanse I encourage them to eat as much as they need! So there's no restriction there. Only guardrails on what foods to eat. It's hard to overeat when eating high-quality real food and mostly plants. We also often make modifications or additions, to make sure people feel satisfied. The goal is to feel peaceful and supported, not deprived in any way.

If you're interested in a real food cleanse, snag a free one HERE! If you have any questions or want to talk about modifications, just send me an email and we can discuss! I'm really excited for you to meet your BEST SELF. She'll come around quicker than you think!


With love,



Is It Better To Buy Organic Food?

Is It Better   To Buy Organic Food_ (1).png

Are you curious if you should be buying organic food?? Let's discuss!

Any particular food is not simply a food, because it depends on the quality. For example, not all veggie burgers are the same, some are healthy and others can be toxic. Depending on the ingredients.

The way produce is farmed changes whether or not a food is healthy for you. Farming methods determine nutritional value and flavor. As well as the levels of pollution, both to us and the environment.

To boil it down, there are two buckets of farming for produce in America: conventional and organic.

Conventional farming uses pesticides and synthetic fertilizers often containing GMOs.

Organic crops are grown without the use of these chemicals.

Which is better, organic produce or conventional?

Organic food is far better for our health because it isn't grown with chemicals. Straight up. Toxic conventional farming supplies seep into the soil and water, and make us sick! Soil and water are sacred resources and should be protected. Not taken for granted. Organic produce also has better flavor and more nutrient density.

Conventional farming poisons the earth and thus the animals, the humans (us!) and most especially the farm workers. Conventional "farm" workers are often covered head to toe in hazmat gear. Can you imagine such a need!? Conventional farming doesn't look much like farming at all, it looks more like a hazardous laboratory situation.

The thing is, we’re so removed from where our food comes from that we don’t even realize.

I choose to buy all organic produce and packaged products because I want to support the industry. Companies producing organic food actually care about their customers and about the planet. Not only their profit margins. Big food and big agriculture companies who support conventional farming will do anything to increase sales. They lie, confuse and poison the masses for the sake of business.

For more on the truth about food in America, please read this book: Feeding You Lies. Please read this book!

If you can't commit to buying 100% organic, there are still some meaningful options!

What Food Is Most Worth Buying Organic?

There's a yearly list put out by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) called the Dirty Dozen (and Clean Fifteen).

The Dirty Dozen means that pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or other harmful chemicals used in conventional farming are sprayed directly on the part of the plant that we eat. And so avoid these foods the most! Anything not on this list is less toxic. And anything on the Clean Fifteen contains the least pesticide residue of all, so those are your best bet for conventional.

I carry a tiny little version of the cheat sheet around in my wallet for easy reference (just screen shot below!), having it on hand helps a lot.


I hope this helps, let me know of any Qs below! I love hearing from you.




How To Stay Healthy While Traveling – 6 Easy Tips

HowToStayHealthyWhile Traveling.png

Travel is the bomb! It feels so good in so many ways. To let loose, change climate and see some new scenery. Food, drinks, friends!

It's good exercise for your mind, too. To change-up scenery and see who you are in new scenarios. Instead of feeling anxious about your upcoming trip, use it as a chance to strengthen your habits! And to commit to your lifestyle.

Remember! If you're living the way you want to be most of the time, and falling off only some of the time, then that small sometimes is where the opportunity lies. My routine is easy but when I'm out of the norm, it takes a bit more work.

I'm traveling to Japan in a few weeks, and so am gearing up and reminding myself about the state of mind I want to be in. If my state of mind is in the right place, my actions will follow.

Michael Bosstick, husband of The Skinny Confidential says that when he travels he thinks of it as stepping into the arena. I REALLY LIKE THAT. It means as you embark on a trip, prepare to be alert! Be aware, cognizant, decisive and calculate what you're doing. Rather than thinking that anything goes, get excited to put yourself to the test. And PERFORM!

Don't plan to clean up the mess when you're back, instead, don't make a big mess in the first place. Show up for yourself and take care! In these times more than ever, because this is where the risk is and where the opportunity lies.

Because everything you do shows up at some point in some way.

Here are my top tips for keeping healthy while traveling -

1. Pack dessert. For me this is usually Hu Bars. Or any satisfying dessert that doesn't have refined sugar or chemicals. I find that when I leave dessert to chance I end up eating harmful foods. Crappy desserts from a store or restaurant, loaded with sugar, chemicals and GMOs. With zero fiber and no nutritional value. Or I eat more dinner than I want to, trying to satisfy the desire for something to finish my day off. I need something to shut the day down. I love dessert, but it can be toxic. Do yourself a solid and bring options!

2. Eat veggies at every meal. This is always important but especially while traveling. When indulging in so many irregular things, you want as much moisture, roughage and fiber as you can get. Veggies keep things moving. And everybody loves to poop, amiright?! They're high in nutritional value to keep you feeling satisfied and energetic. And they're bulky for the calories, too, so you can eat a LOT of them and no harm done. You'll feel vibrant, de-bloated and sane.

3. Do some research in advance. This applies to travel within the U.S., more than an exotic foreign country, but can be a helpful thought to keep in mind. Find clean restaurants or grocery stores near where you'll be staying or going. This way you'll know where to get supplies if needed. This can be for food, mixers for cocktails or filtered water. Also chemical-free sunscreen or products, or anything else. You're more likely to stick to your healthy routine if you know in advance where to find the supplies you need. Usually there are options nearby but it's much easier and more effective to find them in advance!

Advanced research also applies for exercise. See if there are any studios or classes in your area that interest you. Or find out if your hotel has a gym. Easy ways to get some exercise could be to walk a lot on your trip, or bike and hike.

Any movement will help you stay grounded and connected to yourself! So take whatever you can get.

4. Pack smart for exercise. I usually plan for exercise that's done barefoot or without sneakers. So I don't have to bing an extra pair of shoes just for working out. A great way to keep things minimal is to bring one workout outfit or only a few pieces made from quick-dry fabrics instead of materials like cotton. This way you can let them air out and wear them a few times before needing to wash. This helps a lot with minimal packing. And also increases your chances of working out multiple times! Because you can reuse your outfit as needed without hassle.

5. Be mindful with your cocktails. This is an easy win and adds up to huge benefit! It's easy to go crazy with fancy drinks and cocktails while traveling. But those calories, chemicals, sugar, GMOs and nastiness add up QUICK. Try to keep things hydrating and simple when it comes to your alcohol. Think straight up or on ice, use water or seltzer as mixers and add lots of fresh citrus or herbs for flavor. Organic wine is a great option, too. It's also helpful to drink a glass of water between alcoholic beverages! STAY HYDRATED.

Which brings me to my final tip…

6. drink water like it's your job. It's easy to get swept away while traveling, wanting to experience new places and cultures through food. There's so much time on our hands and new things to do, it's only natural to indulge and go a little bit over the top. That's OK, but remember, it's about being mindful and making good choices in the midst of it all. Drinking water flushes and hydrates the body. And also helps keep you from feeling starving. Sometimes people confuse dehydration with being hungry. I often feel like drinking water makes me feel cared for and grounded, like I'm on top of my shit. This is an easy one and VERY BENEFICIAL.

These tips are awesome for everyday life, but I find them especially important to remember when traveling. (Or any time I'm on the go and out of my routines). All your choices show up when you're back from your trip! Which always is faster than expected, so take care no matter what, where or when!

What are your top tips for traveling?? Share ideas below. I’d love to chat.




How To: Better Gut Health Will Solve Your Problems


A healthy gut means better, faster and easier digestion. It also means bigger poops, faster weight loss and a stronger immune system. You can expect better assimilation of nutrients, clearer skin and a happier mood!

Inside our stomachs are little ecosystems of organisms. With systems and infrastructure in place, everything working together toward a common goal. There are all kinds of bacteria, organisms, acids and fluids. The healthier the environment (the more potent and clean with less toxic waste and build up) the better it will function.

Over time, as our systems grow older and things gunk up, the environment inside of us is less than perfect. We ingest acidic, chemical or synthetic /processed food. Sugar, antibiotics, drugs and alcohol. And we experience stress. All things that deplete the health of our internal organs and intestines. Bahh.

And so, it's mighty important to be mindful and take steps to have healthier insides. To gain all the incredible benefits of optimized gut health!

How To Better Gut Health Will Solve Your Problems BLOG.png

3 steps to improve the health of your gut–

1. Do a real food cleanse

Real food cleansing (aka whole food cleansing) is a great way to heal the body and gain health. Because it floods your system with nutritious foods that help break up and remove toxic build up and waste. Also giving your body a break from things that are difficult to digest. You will improve the health of your gut. And in turn, ease your digestion, lose weight, have glowing skin and find mental clarity. Real food cleansing is something I live by. I could have never become healthy or recovered from binge eating without it. For a free real food cleanse, click HERE.

2. Eat fermented foods

Fermented foods are loaded with live cultures and probiotics, good bacteria that are healthy for the gut. These foods aid digestion, help keep you regular and strengthen your immune system. Some of my favorites are raw sauerkraut, fresh kombucha or fresh kimchi.

3. Take some key supplements

Supplements are something I keep to a minimum. But I do find them valuable and effective for restoring gut health. I would recommend the following supplements {use them as directed}:

Digestive enzyme: click HERE.

Probiotic: click HERE.

Flor-EssenceTHIS STUFF IS LIFE-CHANGING, I'm going to do a full post on it because it's that amazing and effective. Ever feel like you're healthy but have a dense lump in your stomach that you can't seem to remove?? This stuff will do the trick, it's mind-blowing! The DIY version or  the pre-made version are both great options depending on your lifestyle and budget (I do DIY).

Bonus!! Treat yourself to colon hydrotherapy

Gravity-centered colonics are something I believe in whole-heartedly. They are especially effective during or after a cleanse or at least while you are eating a clean food diet of mostly plants and food from nature. Colonics aid elimination and gently remove toxic waste and build up from the colon. Pretty cool! I always feel flat tummy and glowing after.

If you live in NYC I recommend Colon Therapy NYC, tell Cassie I sent you, she's the best!

Enemas are another form of colon hydrotherapy as they also aid in stool evacuation through the use of water. But they are done at home. If you're on a budget or would prefer to do this kind of thing in private, give an enema a try!

Aside from these ideas, real food from nature also help keep the gut moving along and functioning optimally. Fresh fruits and veggies, healthy fats, whole grains, beans and legumes. And lots of fresh filtered water!

Was this helpful? If so, please share with friends and let me know in the comments below!




Chemicals In Your Food – The Simple Truth And How To Avoid Them


Fake food or real food? That is the question.

But for real, that is the question. A lot of food today is fake AF.

What is fake food (chemical/processed/synthetic food)?

Many products on grocery store shelves today are food-like substances. LOL. Sounds crazy, I know! They don't kill you immediately when you ingest them but they're not actually food. They're a surplus of cheap crops like corn and soy processed into chemicals in a lab. Then engineered to look, feel and smell like food. They're engineered to be addictive, too. I.e. Oreos, Cheerios, Tostitos, Jello-O, Aunt Jemima, Boar’s many of the brands you’ve known since childhood.

Companies do this because it's cheap, easy and profitable. These "foods" SELL. They're so pumped up with sugar and salt that we can't help ourselves. Fake food also has a long shelf life and is easy to distribute. Companies def don't do this because they care about you. That's for sure. They don't care about you or your health. They care about making money.

To top it all off! These fake foods have shitty ingredients but expensive branding, packaging and advertising. They appear high-quality. They're wolves in sheep's clothing kind of thing, not what they seem.

So! If you want health, it's not about what foods you eat exactly but about their quality and what they're made of.

This applies to everyone, every kind of diet and all foods. Keep it simple and eat food from nature. Avoid everything else.

How to avoid fake-ass food.

For any food you want to buy, turn the package over and read the ingredient list. If the ingredient list is short and contains foods you know or would stock in your pantry on their own, then you're good to go. I.e. whole wheat flour, almonds, water, salt, yeast, olive oil, brown rice, etc.

But, if the ingredients are long words that you can't pronounce or identify, they are most likely chemical substances. Avoid the chemicals at all costs. I.e. acetaldehyde, diacetyl, flavors, natamycin, catch my drift.

The thing about chemical ingredients (fake food) is that mayyyybbbeeee if you ingest a small amount in isolation once in a while you'd be ok. But if all the foods you eat are synthetic, all day long, every day...then that adds up to way too much! The U.S. has limited testing and ingredients aren't tested all mixed together. That's the extra scary part. When you eat fake food over the course of the day, or every day, you're mixing all kinds of chemicals inside of you.

These chemical/processed ingredients are confusing for your body. And hard to digest. Your body TRIES but does not know what to do with these substances. They have no nutritional value and they cause sludge to build up inside. Oy. Definitely not crushing and glowing.

P.S. – fake food is harmful for the environment. The farming methods use a lot of chemical pesticides that pollute our soil, water and air.

On the contrary, real foods from nature (whole foods) HELP you.

They have nutrients needed for your body to function. They have fiber to remove gunk. They have moisture and roughage to help you poop better. They're bulky for the calories to keep you fuller longer. And they have good nature vibes, because they're not engineered in a creepy sterile lab.

Reading ingredients is easier than you think! Here are some tips–

  • Remember that you only need to learn the ingredients of a certain product once! Determine if it's in your arsenal or not and then you know for the future. Grocery shopping becomes easier and easier over time. Because you know the brands you buy or don't buy. And only need to investigate ingredients on something new.

  • If you can't deal or don't care to read ingredients, then look for organic seals or the non-GMO project verification seal. This way at least you know the company cared enough to prove these standards to you. That the product has some integrity and proof of quality.

  • GMO = genetically modified ingredients {see here}. The main GMO crops are corn, soy, zucchini, yellow squash, canola, sugar beets, papaya and cottonseed oil. If a packaged food product is not organic or non-GMO project verified then I would avoid anything with these ingredients. They are almost certain GMO and thus not real food. So the effects of eating them are truly unknown at this point.

  • Certain grocery stores do the work for you. So if you want to leave the work to someone else, no prob! Shop at your local health food store where they have vetted what's on the shelves for you. Look for the smaller, least corporate businesses. They are in the business because they give a shit and care about health. Whole Foods for example is a mix. They have health foods bur also stock a lot of crappy, fake health foods on their shelves like the sub brands owned by Coke and Pepsi.

  • At my local health food store I like to find a knowledgeable sales person and ask them questions. Usually they love to share their knowledge and point you to all the goodies. Thrive market is an amazing online example, buy anything they sell and know it's trustworthy! Plus their prices are a steal.

In summary, a veggie burger is not a veggie depends on WHAT IT’S MADE OF.

Read ingredients! It's that simple.

Some amazing resources here:

Let me know of any Qs below! I love hearing from you.

Want to flood your body with nutrients, detox and feel better than ever in just 5 days? Download the free guide!




Castor Oil: The Healing Powers + Why I'm Obsessed


I'm very into castor oil right now! I've been doing lots of research and trying a bunch of things. First influenced by a vegan-warrior detox specialist I follow on Instagram, @greenleanbean. She put me on to a book called, "The Oil That Heals, A Physicians Successes with Castor Oil Treatments." The author is a doctor. He recounts historical case studies where castor oil heals disorders and dis-ease. It's pretty magical to read. @greenleanbean is incredible to me because she healed her crohn’s, lyme, arthritis and skin with "regenerative detoxification," which is cleansing, eating only crazy-clean and nutritious food, using herbal supplements and doing detoxifying wellness activities like colon hydrotherapy and sauna. Food is medicine and can heal almost anything, and she's living proof of the possibilities.

What is Castor Oil and How Do You Use It?

Castor oil is a vegetable oil that's been in use for thousands of years for all kinds of remedies. I bet your grandparents ate spoonfuls of  it as children and Cleopatra used it to whiten her eyes. It's used to treat ailments, rashes, aches and pains of all kinds. It's also known as a beauty treatment! Popular for moisturizing almost anything (skin, hair, nails, eyeballs) and to stimulate hair growth. A lot of people use castor oil to grow lashes and brows. It's also used to detoxify organs, which is the benefit I'm most interested in!

Castor oil can be ingested orally or applied to the skin. By mouth you can drink the oil or take capsules. To apply to the skin, you can either rub it in or use what's called a "castor oil pack." A castor oil pack is a wool flannel cloth saturated in castor oil and placed over the body part needing treatment. You then wrap in plastic to avoid a mess, cover with a heating pad and let sit for about an hour. To treat something specific people do this every day for about 3 weeks, or for maintenance you can do a pack 2-3 nights per week indefinitely. Note: you can use the same flannel for up to a year, just keep it in a jar or ziplock bag for repeated use, "until rancid."

Benefits of Castor Oil*–

  • Increased elimination

  • Stimulates the liver

  • Dissolves and removes adhesions and lesions

  • Relieves pain

  • Releases colon impaction

  • Reduces nervous system

  • Stimulates the gall bladder

  • Incoordinations reducing toxemia

  • Reduces flatulence (farts or gas)

  • Increases lymphatic circulation

  • Improves intestinal assimilation

  • Balances elimination

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Increases relaxation

  • Dissolves lacteal duct adhesions

  • Reduces nausea

  • Dissolves gallstones

  • Stimulates lacteal duct circulation

  • Reduces swelling

  • Stimulates the caecum (in your intestines)

  • Coordinates liver-kidney function

  • Stimulates organs and glands

*Source: "The Oil That Heals, A Physicians Successes with Castor Oil Treatments."

Why I'm Into Castor Oil–

In order for castor oil to work for you, you've gotta believe in it. If you trust in it spiritually and let it work for you, it will. I am on a mission lately to heal my gut! I know there's a lot of build up in there holding me back from being my most vibrant and healthy self. I want my mind-body connection to be fierce. It's coming back to me since recovering from binge eating but I know I have more work to do. I want to cleanse my organs, optimize digestion and make sure I'm properly assimilating nutrients. Castor oil seems to be a powerful tool and I believe in it! Thus I'm assimilating it into my life in a variety of ways, it feels good so far! It makes me feel peaceful in a way?? Not sure.

How I've Been Using Castor Oil–

I ordered this kit and have been doing castor oil packs on my belly for a few weeks now. I want to soothe my digestion, remove inflammation and eliminate toxins. I've also been eating a lot of nutritious food and drinking a ton of water!

At 1-2 meals per day I've been taking one of these capsules.

Then I got really into it and ordered this small bottle of really clean and potent oil, a tried putting drops in my eyes for a few nights (LOL). Last night I drank an ounce of it before bed, I'm going to do that every 4 nights until the bottle is gone. I'll probably buy this bottle once in a while and repeat, but not all the time. Note: if you're going to ingest the oil, make sure it's organic and hexane-free.


P.S. – I'm sharing wellness tips and tricks that I'm into, but I'm not a doctor – so make sure to consult a doctor before trying anything – I don't think these activities are good for anyone pregnant or nursing.

Ready for a fresh start!? Want to wipe the slate clean and feel the best you ever have!?





How To Stop Feeling Crazy Starving All Of The Time


I used to eat A LOT of food, feel so physically full that I couldn’t move and yet I’d still want to eat more. It was nuts! This left me feeling confused, defeated and hopeless. How could my body never have enough? Why did I always want more?

This is a common thing – eating a lot of food and still feeling starving.

Now it’s been a couple of years since my days of never feeling satisfied or like I could eat forever, and it’s largely due to understanding one small detail about how the body works –

Our bodies’ have TWO receptors to know when we’re full. Stretch receptors which we all know about but also nutrient receptors. We need to eat a nice amount of bulk, but we also need to make sure our food has nutritional value in order for the body to stop wanting more. This is because we need vitamins, minerals and nutrients to function and be alive.

Here are my 3 top tips for how to stop feeling crazy starving all of the time:


Foods that grows from the earth are loaded with everything you need to thrive! For starters, nutrients: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water. Then also fiber, moisture, roughage and low-calorie bulk. Nutrients are the fuel your body literally needs to function, to have energy and take care of itself. Fiber, moisture and roughage are like brooms for your digestive tract! As high-fiber food passes through you it scrapes your insides and brings gunk along with it, helping to detoxify and eliminate waste (i.e. big poops!!)

Therefore, real food from nature will work wonders for satisfying your nutrient receptors and letting your brain know you’re full. When your body has the nutrients it needs, you will feel calm, satisfied and totally full.

Real food from nature: vegetables are king but also whole grains, beans, legumes, fruit, raw nuts and seeds, raw nut and seed butters, high-quality oils (olive, avocado and coconut are my faves) and fresh water.


By starting your meal with something wholesome and nutritious, you satisfy your body’s deepest needs for nutrients right away. When you’re hungry, these foods taste the most delicious and you’re more likely to eat more of them. Then, if you want to have some less-nutritious food on top, go for it! You will naturally eat less of it because you have already satiated your nutrient receptors.

Less-healthy food is tasty and serves a purpose, it can be thought of as soul food, an indulgence or often times as an experience. But remember! The whole point of eating is to provide your body with the nutrition it needs on a fundamental level, so start there at every meal and you will strike a great balance!


A lot of “food” today is fake, made of chemicals, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or synthetic ingredients. This processed “food” made in science labs is harmful to your body, has no nutritional value and is engineered to be addictive. That’s right! There are specific (unnatural) ingredients added that make you want to eat more-more-more. This is the opposite of real food from nature. These fake foods are confusing for the body to digest which causes build up and sickness. They are also small servings for the high calories which means it’s really easy to overeat them but still not feel full.

In other words, fake food takes a lot of calories to meet your stretch receptor needs and also may never meet your nutrient receptor needs. Therefore it’s a serious lose-lose to eat these foods that don’t grow in nature because you could eat a lot of them and still feel STARVING. If you want to keep these foods in your life, that’s ok but minimize them and make sure to overflow your body with nutritious food first.

Fake food: ingredients you can’t pronounce or wouldn’t stock in your pantry on their own or “food” that has been processed by machines and have long shelf lives.

To this day, I always focus on eating my veggies and flooding my body with nutritious food. This way I don’t have to worry about restricting less-healthy food, but I naturally eat less of it because my body has what it needs and craves less.

Ready for a fresh start!? Want to wipe the slate clean and feel the best you ever have!?


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10 of The Healthiest Things To Do

Improving your health doesn't have to be drastic, instead, you can take small steps that add up to meaningful change. In fact, slow and steady is more ideal because you're more likely to stick to it. Choose one, a few or all of the suggestions below and you will be moving in the right direction!



Vegetables are the key to health, they are exactly what nature intended. High fiber, bulky for the calories, nutritious and delicious; a diet loaded with plants will make you feel your best. Hands down.



Boredom is detrimental and completely unnecessary – it leads to shitty feelings, shitty behavior and shitty food. Figure out who you are, what you do, what you're interested in, or what skills you're refining, because that's what life is about. If you spend your time producing things and contributing, you won't have time or interest in self-destructive behavior like binge eating, eating for sport or being a lazy bum.



If you dread exercise you're not going to do it and it won't be good for you if you do, it will cause stress mentally and within your body. Find physical activity you love, even if it's something "easy" like walking, biking, restorative yoga or dance. Just spend time each day moving and connecting with your physical body, you can take it up from there when you're ready.



Your body needs time in between meals to digest, assimilate nutrients and get rid of waste. Don't constantly be eating, but rather eat up at meal time and give your body a nice break in between to do its thing. This will also help your routine and self-control because you'll have this habit to fall back on without having to think about it or decide.



Connected to point 4 above, you want to make sure you have time between meals but also that you don't get STARVING, and so snacks can be great to bridge the gap between meals as needed. Try a few snack ideas out to find what works best for you, you want something that makes you feel satisfied and peaceful but not stuffed and craving more. Some great ideas are raw veggies with hummus, high-quality and organic beef jerky, an almond butter pack, a small smoothie, fresh organic juice (veggies and fruit) or seaweed snacks.



Don't get overwhelmed by all of the trends and fads today, the amount of information is overwhelming! Eat real food from nature, as high-quality and organic as possible, avoid ingredients you don't recognize and that's it! Boom.



Water is life. It hydrates, flushes toxins, improves digestion, helps you feel full, strengthens your immune system and in general is quite grounding and nourishing to drink. If you're not that into plain water, add some fresh herbs, herbal teas or citrus. P.S. – my favorite water filter pitcher is here.



Sleep is soooo nourishing and necessary, make time for it no matter what. I used to go go go all of the time and sacrifice sleep, but I realize that exhaustion and pushing myself too hard led me to binge eating and other bad habits. Now I do less things to improve my health and have a better quality of life. Go to bed early, wake up naturally without an alarm once in a while, take naps, take vacations, whatever it takes. The better you sleep, the better you will think, feel and behave, no doubt.


Coffee and alcohol can be great, they make us feel good and may be joyful parts of your life, but they are also acidic, often loaded with a bunch of crappy additives and are rough on the body. You don't have to do anything drastic, but be mindful. Instead of dumping these things into your body as if they're water, choose to enjoy them sometimes/in moderation. As always, opting for high-quality ingredients and products will go a long way in improving your health!


This is a big one! It can feel daunting to read the ingredients of your packaged food but it doesn't have to be. The main rule is to only eat foods made of ingredients you recognize. If you don't know what something is, if you're not certain or you can't pronounce the word, avoid it. A lot of food in America today is literally synthetic and made of chemicals, it's scary and harmful to our health and the environment. If you know what's in your food, your health will improve leaps and bounds. Easy peasy.

I hope these ideas inspire you, a little or a lot. Try one new thing and let me know how it goes.

Ready for a fresh start!? Want to wipe the slate clean and feel the best you ever have!?



Healthy Iced Matcha Latte Recipe

I’m really into iced matcha lattes lately, I discovered them this summer and #cantstop. The taste is unique and maybe acquired, but I really enjoy it and also love the way matcha tea makes me feel. It’s a bright green, potent version of a green tea – it’s super energizing (a great alternative to coffee + much better for your health because it’s not acidic) and has lots of other benefits–

Matcha is a powerful antioxidant, it boosts your immune system and helps prevent infection, is detoxifying, energizing and packed with nutritional value:

  • Vitamins A, C, E and K

  • Trace minerals

  • Chlorophyll

  • Amino Acids

Since matcha lattes can get expensive (and it’s hard to guarantee clean ingredients when eating out), here’s a super simple recipe you can make at home.



  • 1 tsp matcha green tea powder (I like this brand)

  • 1 cup non dairy milk (super simple to make at home, see here)

  • 1-2 tsp of grade b maple syrup (I like this brand)


  • Place matcha powder in a small bowl or cup and whisk with a little filtered water until paste is smooth

  • Pour non-dairy milk over ice in an airtight jar or martini shaker, add matcha paste then maple syrup and shake vigorously

  • Pour into a glass over ice and enjoy!

Let me know what you think below!

Ready for a fresh start!? Want to wipe the slate clean and feel the best you ever have!?