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Coaching is an incredible tool that has completely transformed my life.

You can read a zillion books, follow all of the blogs and make big strides on your own, but a coach with take you FARTHER. And FASTER.

The coaches I have worked with for nutrition and binge eating recovery have been by far the BEST investments I've made.

Coaches have essentially given me the answers. Untying knots in my mind, sharing completely new ways of approaching my struggles and supporting me every step of the way. Completely changing my life has been a step-by-step process and coaching has played a fundamental role in all of it. #SUPERGRATEFUL



What if you knew exactly how to get healthy and stick with it, so that…

…you understood why you binge eat and how to stop doing it once and for all

…you knew exactly what foods to eat to make you feel your best without restriction or overthinking it

…you could feel comfortable inside of your skin and at ease in social situations

…you improved digestion and got physically fit without crazy diets or excessive exercise

…life became more enjoyable because you knew your true purpose and started to live presently/fully



Maybe you…

  • Eat healthy, exercise and still can’t stop binge eating

  • Have an exercise routine or fitness trainer but still don’t like to exercise or constantly fall “off track”

  • Have done juice cleanses, eaten a vegan diet, take all of the supplements and still don’t feel your best or know how to stay consistent

  • Dream of food freedom so you can live your best life and not constantly worry about what you’re eating or how you feel about your body



What if I told you it was entirely possible create a healthy, simple, intuitive and binge-free lifestyle that you love…

…without sticking to a strict dietary routine

…without more willpower or self-control

…without living a completely sheltered or stress-free life

…without eating any boring food that makes you cringe

….AND without years of research, wasted times or tons of trial and error



With personalized 1:1 coaching you’ll learn to…

  • Understand why you binge eat and how to stop using food for the wrong reasons

  • Determine the best foods to eat that make you feel satisfied, energetic and calm

  • Build a life you actually love with consistent healthy habits even when you’re at parties or traveling

  • Optimize your digestion and learn how to detox your body through easy nutrition and real food cleansing

  • Heal cystic acne through diet and lifestyle

  • Stop obsessing over food and weigh what you want

  • Break free from binge eating once and for all so you can live life to the fullest and be your best self

  • Access to collaborate with a community of like-minded women who share the same struggles and aspiration so you can relate, share stories and propel each other forward in the direction of your dreams

  • Explode your sense of purpose and joy by figuring out who you really are and what your true purpose is

  • …and more!



Abandon Binge Eating 1:1 Coaching

The step-by-step blueprint for creating a binge-free life you love, that allows you the flexibility to live your life intuitively and without crazy rigid rules!




Definitely life-changing.

Bridget started me on an amazing journey to being a better version of me. Working with Bridget opened up a whole new world of how to eat. It was just the right amount of assistance that I needed. It made things more interesting and more simple.

— Melissa L.

An easy-to-follow plan tailored to my specific needs.

I always considered myself a fairly healthy eater. I didn’t realize how harmful a lot of the foods I deemed “healthy” really were. Bridget helped me understand the importance of natural and organic ingredients. She also taught me how to read labels and which ingredients were red-flags. I’ve lost weight and feel more energetic overall.

— Meredith W.

Realize what worked / didn’t work with past diets.

Before coming to Bridget I struggled with finding the “right diet.” I tried Weight Watchers, Paleo and counting calories. I have changed the way I eat for the better. The biggest win for me was I no longer crave sugar like I used to!

— Adrienne L.

The only program that’s led to sustainable success for me.

Bridget was patient, inspiring, and really fun to work with. I looked forward to our meetings every week! When we first started, I was confused. There are so many health trends right now, everything is good for you and bad for you at the same time. I couldn’t figure out what worked for me, or where to start. My time with Bridget was a turning point in my relationship with health and food. It helped me be a happier and more confident woman, a better Pilates instructor, and a better friend to myself.  It was fun and extremely valuable.

— Kendra H.



Interested in working with me to stop binge eating, feel at ease inside of your skin and create the life you want?

I have a few spots to work with me 1:1 as a coach. This is work I absolutely LOVE but I only take on a few clients at a time, to keep it more manageable and personal.

I truly believe that working with a coach is one of the best, fastest, and easiest ways to profoundly change your life. Understand basic nutrition, heal you from binge eating disorder, gain control of your life and become the person you want to be. I'd love to step in and be a support system for you!



I currently have 55-minute strategy sessions available, we can start asap so don’t worry. Choose a date and time that works best with your schedule. Packages are way more effective and you save money, too! 3-month or 6-month options are available!

If you're currently feeling overwhelmed, confused, exhausted and like you've tried it all... but are aching to take your health and well-being to the next level so you can have the freedom and peace you've been dreaming of...

I'd love to work with you and help you achieve all of your goals and create the life you want!



The session/s will be completely tailored to your and your needs, but some of the topics we can cover are:

  • Understanding why you binge eat

  • Tactics for how to stop binge eating

  • How to build a daily routine that sticks

  • Nutrition

  • Real food cleansing and detox

  • Exact nourishing foods that will calm cravings and make you feel full

  • Food brands/where to shop

  • Physical activity

  • Self-care

  • My exact personal story and how I recovered from binge eating



Ready to do this!?

Once you book your session you’ll receive a questionnaire to fill out so I am clear on your biggest struggles and goals and can get started preparing for our session.

I only take a couple clients at a time, so if your intuition is guiding you towards working with me, I encourage you to reach out and go for it.

Sincerely and with love,


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