Hi! I'm Bridget.

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Less than a year ago I was still in the closet about my binge eating disorder (carrying a huge secret around for no good reason), bulging belly, DESPERATE to move past my food issues once and for all. I was in pretty good shape and took good care of myself most of the time but then sometimes I would completely lose it and binge eat so much food it physically hurt. I would then starve myself and exercise until I felt back to “normal,” and the cycle would continue. I knew there had to be a better way and I decided to stop at nothing until I found it.

Enter: A Completely New Approach.

I realized that the only way to get in control of my life was to stop restricting and focus instead on overflowing my life with nourishing food and activities I truly enjoyed.

A new approach meant: putting ALL of my old beliefs and habits up for review, deciding how I wanted to think and act instead, and then practicing over and over again until I started to see major change. FREAKING AMAZING. 

These days?

I've transformed from someone who was going through the motions, fighting to get upstream and constantly mad at myself, to truly understanding my thoughts, taking serious action and creating the life of my dreams.

how to binge eating bridget auerbach

Moving past binge eating disorder has meant a few things for me:

  • Losing 20 pounds

  • Restored gut health and proper digestion

  • Mental freedom, peace and clarity

  • Feeling at ease inside of my skin and in social situations

  • Feeling physically fit and healthy

  • Having a flexible and intuitive diet

  • Knowing that I am in control and can handle any situation that life brings

  • Healed cystic acne from the inside out

  • Removing other bad habits from my life like smoking weed and picking at my face

  • Paying off over 10k in debt, learning how to budget and save money

  • Starting my own business

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Now that I've achieved this freedom, it is my life's mission to teach other intelligent, strong, badass ladies that it IS possible to stop binge eating, recreate what you’re made of from the inside out and feel comfortable inside of your skin. Isn't this the reason we work to find the best diet, exercise and self-care routines in the first place? 

If you...

  • Want to start feeling comfortable around food and know exactly how to handle any social situation where food is involved

  • Want to wake up each day without the immediate feeling of regret about what you ate the night before or wishing things were different

  • Don't know what the heck “clean eating” really means, or why you should make real food from nature your best friend

  • Wonder how you're going to maintain your healthy routine every day, even when on vacation or out of the norm

  • Want to learn how to fill your life up with nourishing and meaningful activities that you actually enjoy and not do sh*t you hate (and learn how to handle the situations you loathe but can’t avoid)

  • Want to know how to jumpstart your digestion, restore your gut and lose wight through real food cleansing (no dieting or restriction involved, just flooding your body with the specific foods that are loaded with nutrients, roughage and fiber that act like a broom for your insides and clear you out)

  • Want to learn the systems I use for creating routines, staying on track with wellness and self-care, budgeting/saving money and removing clutter

  • Want exclusive insight into EXACTLY what worked for me to break free from binge eating and heal my body and mind and completely transform my life...(and what didn't)

It's your time. 

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Ready to go ALL-IN?

Abandon Binge Eating is the step-by-step guide to building an authentic and meaningful life free of issues with food, (no matter what habits you’re trying to break or create!) Learn more about the course by joining my brand-new training about creating a life you love:

What You Can Expect From The Abandon Binge Eating Online Course:

  • Understand WHY you binge eat and how to stop doing it

  • How to build a healthy daily routine that actually sticks

  • Build food habits that are intuitive and sustainable

  • Easy nutrition, real food cleansing and body healing from the inside out

  • Fill your life up with only activities you love and how to handle difficult times without binge eating

  • How to understand and change the way you think about food (and life!)

  • Exactly how I recovered from binge eating and other self-destructive habits

  • Tactical tips and tricks you can implement immediately

  • My favorite resources and self-care activities that are worth the money

  • Finding your greater purpose and contribution to your community or the world

  • How to remove clutter from your life: mind, body and home

  • My favorite free resources and short cuts

  • Getting fit: where to spend your time and energy so that less is more

    Abandon Binge Eating will leave you with a personalized, detailed action plan of how to start living the life you want*, learn easy AF nutrition basics, stop binge eating and start feeling comfortable inside of your skin so you can have control of your life and make it what you want.

    *100% satisfaction guaranteed

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.
— Albert Einstein

Here are a few things I love to do: reading, learning, writing, dogs, walking around NYC. wearing high-waisted jeans and bodysuits (my uniform!), gentle exercise and stretching. I also love cleaning, dogs and walking around in my underwear ;-).



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