Hey! I'm Bridget.

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I’m a Brooklyn girl who love-hates NYC, love-loves gorgeous geography and nature and has huge dreams. 

Less than 18 months ago, I was a struggling binge eater (binge eating almost every day), obsessed with trying to eat perfectly “clean” and terrified of gaining weight. I had NO clue where to start when it came to having a “normal” relationship with food. All I knew was that the constant cycles of binging and restricting were exhausting AF and I needed to find another way.

Enter: A New Mindset.

I decided that if I was going to change I had to think differently. I stopped restricting and started eating whatever I was truly in the mood for. For the first time I let my intuition drive instead of filtering every decision through a set of rules.

A new mindset meant: discovering life outside of being obsessed with food and my body. I started to fill my life up with a TON of new things that were in line with the person I wanted to become. Food became an afterthought instead of consuming my life. My focus shifted to discovering who I was and creating the life of my dreams.

These days?

I teach other women how to break free from binge eating, have an easy relationship with food and become their true selves through blog posts, 1:1 coaching and online courses.

how to binge eating bridget auerbach

Changing my mindset around food meant a few things for me:

  • Eliminating all dieting and restriction, eating whatever I’m in the mood for

  • Finding my natural body weight (I lost almost 20 pounds)

  • Feeling at ease in social situations where there’s food involved

  • Achieving my dream of a binge-free life, and never hiding from the world because I’m embarrassed of how I look or feel

  • Recreating my whole life, only doing things I actually like to do, and not doing anything just because I think I should

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Now that I've achieved this freedom, it is my life's mission to teach other intelligent, strong, incredible, hard-working ladies that it IS possible to stop binge eating, have an easy relationship with food and create the life you truly want. Because isn't that what we’re all working toward?

If you want to...

  • Have a “normal” relationship with food

  • Never count calories again

  • STOP the cycles of binging and restricting

  • Trust yourself and eat whatever you’re in the mood for, no rules or filters 

  • Easily find your natural body weight

  • Become the real you and create the life you dream of

  • Break through any fear, boredom or limiting beliefs that are holding you back 

  • Stop anxiously rushing through life and truly enjoy the ride

  • Gain exclusive insight into EXACTLY what worked for me to stop binge eating, heal my body and completely transform my life...(and what didn't)

It's your time. 

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Ready to go ALL-IN?

1:1 coaching is the fastest and most effective path to becoming the person you truly are, free of binge eating or obsession over food and your body FOREVER.


What You Can Expect From 1:1 Coaching:

  • Understand exactly why you started to binge eat in the first place (I bet it’s way less complicated than you think!!)

  • Learn how to never binge or restrict, even when you’re feeling fat

  • Stop thinking about food 24/7 

  • Never diet or count calories again!

  • Learn how to eat healthy even when you eat something “unhealthy” or have a bump in the road

  • Establish new healthy habits that actually stick

  • Discover the real you and create the life of your dreams

1:1 coaching will give you a personalized, step-by-step action plan of exactly how to stop binge eating and live life like the confidant badass you truly are. I’m available to you for real-time guidance or to answer specific questions. Learn how to have an easy relationship with food, stop doing shit just because you think you should. And how to create any lasting healthy habits that you want to. So you can have control of your life and be free from food chaos FOREVER.

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.
— Albert Einstein


Skipped to the end?

For a few clients at a time I offer 1:1 coaching, one of the fastest and most-effective ways to profoundly change your life. Stop binge eating and have an easy relationship with food. The program will be custom-tailored to your exact circumstance and desired outcome.



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