What To Do The Day After A Binge – My Top 3 Tips


Waking up the day after a big binge is the worst feeling in the world. UGH. I’ve been there many times. Your stomach feels so full it’s hard to believe! You want to stay in bed all day and hide from the world! Like seriously, you actually might call in sick. You have no clue what you’ll wear. You have gas, pimples and are in worst mood ever. WHYYY.

Then you think crazy thoughts, like you’ll never eat again or you’ll exercise twice per day to even things out. Or you’ll at least not eat again until dinner to give your body time to digest.

But NOOOO! These “solutions” are not what you should do the day after a binge. They will actually send you further down the binge eating rabbit hole! I guarantee it.

I know because I tried that approach for almost 30 years! Yet everyday I kept on binge eating like it was the last time I was ever going to do it.

Then finally, I completely changed my approach. And once so, my binge eating disorder seemed to dissipate into thin air.

So let me share, here are my 3 top tips on what to do the day after a binge–

1. Have breakfast.

It is so important that you never skip a meal. Because starving yourself will ALWAYS backfire. You will snap and end up feeding yourself what you need at some point down the line ( usually during a binge ). By eating 3 meals per day no matter what, your body can get into a routine. And so can your mind. By taking the guesswork and decision-making out of the situation, there is ease and calm.

Eat breakfast the day after a binge no matter what. And then have lunch, and dinner too. Your body will be so happy to find its rhythm. You'll also be happy because you're not starving yourself. And balance will be the result.

2. Eat high-fiber and moist foods from nature.

Imagine your stomach is a blender, what you eat gets blended up. Then, imagine removing the top of the blender, turning it upside down and seeing how fast the food falls out...or not. If the food is dry and sticky, it will get stuck to the edges and not come out of the blender. If the food is moist and fibrous, it will slide right out. The more moisture, the more food will glide out of the blender. The less moisture, the harder the blender will be to clean. I love this analogy!

So! The day after a binge, make sure to eat food that's moist and rough. To help your body break up and get rid of the food stuck in your gut. This includes any plant food grown in nature, but especially vegetables. Also whole grains like brown rice. Avoid foods that would get stuck to the sides of a blender, like flours and icings for example. By eating high-fiber and moist foods you'll be taking big poops and feeling better in no time!

3. Stay in an empowered state of mind!

Mindset is half the freaking battle. Or more! If you get in a negative state of mind, you are going to bring yourself down. GUARANTEED. If you can keep your spirits up and looking forward, good things will come. The day after a binge is a great opportunity to train your mind to keep it positive and growth-oriented. Rather than beating yourself up, turn your mistakes into lessons. Use the information to inform your decisions next time. That's all we can do at that point anyway, the past is behind us. So learn, grow and keep moving forward!

Never ask yourself questions like, "why do I do this to myself?" or "why am I like this?" Instead, ask yourself “how can I make the process more fun?” Or “how can I be a little bit better next time?” This mindset shift will pay off leaps and bounds. Things snowball, so choose the direction of your thoughts wisely!

Ok, let’s do this!

Ready to stop binge eating once and for all??!