How To Stop Binge Eating – 10X Your Progress With This Easy Habit


Today I'm sharing one of my best tools to stop binge eating. This little trick worked wonders for me and I still use it in my life today!

My binge eating would come in cycles

When I was deep in my binge eating disorder I would go through some funny cycles. When the urge to binge came on it was all I could think about. Paralyzed. Or like a robot-soldier programmed to go on a mission. There was no stopping me. Even if I was able to pause for a second to contemplate anything else I could be doing with my time, I couldn't think. I had to eat and that's what I would do.

Then, later on when I was in a more calm state of mind, I could think of A BUNCH of other ways I could have been using my time. Urrgg. It was exciting to have lots of ideas, but frustrating to go completely blank when I needed to remember them. I knew I would stop binge eating if I chose to use my time doing other things. But that was so hard! Especially if in those crazy moments I couldn't think or get myself to do anything else besides binge eat.

Creating lists helped me stop binge eating

And so I started making LOTS OF LISTS! I would list out everything. Not like to-do lists (although I love a good to-do list) but like inspiration lists. Or like, how to live life lists. Or, how to use your time lists.

When inspired and feeling good, I would list out the things I wanted to be doing with my life. And then I would refer to them in times of need, right when the urge to binge would arise!

Lists are a way for me to send messages from my rational mind to my crazy-urge-to-binge-eat mind in times of need. GENIUS.

I would list out everything I wanted to be doing with my time

I started simple, with lists for what to do inside the home and lists for what I could be doing outside of the home. But then I started to get more specific. I'd list out productive things, self-care activities, ideas to contribute to the world. Books I wanted to read, topics I wanted to research, YouTube channels I wanted to watch. I would even map out ideas for relaxation and fun, because I had very little of this in my life besides binge eating. Crazy!

Making lists helped me stop binge eating in two ways

  1. One is the more obvious way like I describe above. When bored or had the urge to binge, I would whip out my lists and choose something. I would fight to snap into action, anything from my lists instead of binge eat!

  2. Also, creating these lists helped me realize who I am and what I wanted to be doing with my time. By writing down lists for every scenario, I had a roadmap for who I wanted to be and how I wanted to fill my time. Because I would refer to these lists so often and default to the activities on them, they were steering my life. Eventually I stopped binge eating and became everything on my lists instead. So cool!

Are you ready to stop binge eating? Start by identifying your unique triggers. And learn what to do about them!


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