How To Stop Binge Eating The Fast and Easy Way

How To Stop Binge Eating The Fast and Easy Way.png

What if recovery from binge eating was easy?

What if you realized that your urges to binge were a habit that you taught your brain, and not some deep-rooted or emotional issue?

What if your urges to binge were your brain serving up patterns that you taught it by accident!? And nothing more than that?

And if you knew the part of your brain that decides not to act on your urges was the real you? The you that does not want to binge and doesn't have to.

If this excites you, then today is your day!!

I recently read a book called Brain Over Binge and my world has SHIFTED. I realize that up until now, I have recovered from binge eating the hard way. I gave my eating disorder major meaning, and I made it complex. Now I have a new perspective and everything feels SIMPLE. And easy. Wow.

My urges to binge had nothing to do with depression, insecurity or any other emotion like I thought. They were not my subliminal self trying to cope or fill a void. They were a habit. Nothing more and nothing less.

When I was a young teenager I started to diet. I would restrict and overthink my food in effort to be rail thin. I wanted a flat stomach. My brain thought I was starving, like, in actual danger of starving to death. And wanted me to EAT, so I would survive.

My overwhelming urges to binge were my brain trying to protect me, and keep me alive. I would give in to the urges and binge because I couldn't resist. And then I'd feel terrible, so I'd excessively exercise to compensate. And a habit formed. A lifestyle formed. And ultimately, an eating disorder formed.

To oversimplify things, we make patterns in our brains of the things we do often. So the pattern of binging and starving became like second nature to me. Because I did it all the time. And so even when I stopped dieting, I still had urges to binge eat. Because even though I wasn't in survival-mode anymore, it was my brain's pattern. The automatic part of my mind thought that was how I needed to live, because it's what I taught it.

So I lived like this for YEARS. Trying to fight my patterns the hard way, thinking they were something deeper and more significant. Thinking my flaws or genetic character required food to cope. This was what therapy taught me and how my own insights started to form.

After reading Brain Over Binge, I understand the brain and my habits in a whole new way.

I now see my urges to binge as a habit my brain is serving up because that's all it knows. And it thinks that what I need. But now I recognize that for what it is, a false message. And not something emotional or meaningful. And so I'm EASILY able to ignore it. Because I'm detached. Like give it a mental flick or kick and it's gone. So simple.

After a short while of doing this (like hours/days/maybe weeks or months for some), your habits change. And the urges to binge vanish. Poof. GONE.

The part of you that doesn't want to binge is the real you! And it's the stronger more conscious part of your brain. The part of your brain that sends you urges to binge is the more automatic part of your brain serving up patterns. By separating the two, you can recognize your urge to binge as a mistaken signal. Of course you MUST stop dieting or restricting calories! To make sure your body is getting what it needs to thrive and be alive. Then you can choose not to binge. Move on with your life and watch your habits change QUICKLY!

Please try this and let me know how it goes!! Let's chat in the comments below or in my Facebook group.

And read Brain Over Binge, it will your life FOREVER!