Breaking Bad Habits: How To Change Your Life Fast And Simple


A bad habit can feel like a freaking wet blanket. Ugh.

You do something over and over again even when you don't want to or when you know it's bad for you. How can that be?

It feels like you have demons, or ISSUES. Something must be wrong. How else could you explain wanting to stop doing something so bad, yet your actions are not in line?

The vicious cycles...

Well, if you can relate to this in any is your day!

I'm here to myth bust bad habits. I'll explain (and simplify) the realities behind bad habits, and teach you how to break them. Fast and simple.

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Before you continue – if you're struggling with binge eating or overeating, read this blog post: The Simple Truth About Why You Binge. It explains how binge eating is nothing more than a habit and why the bad habit forms.

A habit is a pattern in your brain

After doing something only a few times, the brain remembers and neural pathways form. This is your brain trying to be efficient and make your life easier. The brain assumes that if you do things on repeat, it must be because they're good for you. The brain assumes these actions are what you need for survival! And so it wants to repeat these actions automatically. This is also why the urges to do them can feel so intense.

Until taught something new.

For good habits this is awesome. For bad habits, it can become a frustrating loop. Until you understand it and get in control!

These habits in the brain are patterns, not some deep-rooted emotional *flaw*. You don't have demons! In fact, when the urge is not serving you, you can think of it as neurological junk.

So now the best part...

How To Break Bad Habits – 5 Simple Steps

  1. Understand that a habit is nothing more than a pattern in the brain. When it's not serving you, it's NEUROLOGICAL JUNK.

  2. Recognize that it's something your true self doesn't want to be doing. The highest, not-automatic part of your brain is in line with this and has the most control over your actions.

  3. Separate your urges to binge from anything emotional or deep-rooted. You are NOT flawed!! You have a bad pattern in your brain.

  4. When the urge comes up, realize it's a faulty pattern being served up on automation and FLICK or KICK it away! In your mind, of course.

  5. A new pattern will form in your brain and the urges for the bad habit will go away.

    Please note! This only works if you are trying to train yourself into habits that are in line with your basic human needs. In other words, if you're trying to train your body to excessively restrict food, this will not work. Your body and brain will only work in harmony when they have what they need to function.


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