The Simple Truth About Why You Binge


The reason why you binge eat is quite simple. It is NOT some deep-rooted emotional issue. I promise!

Let me explain –

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Why You Start Binge Eating In The First Place

There are two main buckets to explain why you binge eat in the first place. For most of us in America, it starts with dieting. AKA restriction. When you restrict food, you mess with your brain's ability to find rhythm and know what's going on.

One part of your brain is habitual and instinctual, and focuses on your survival. This part of the brain – let's call it the primal brain – doesn't understand the concept of dieting. Because it doesn't understand a world where food isn't scarce. The concept of a copious amount of food that's always available is a new one. The more "animal" part of your brain, the primal brain, can't imagine this.

So when you diet, your primal brain sends you intense urges to binge eat. It thinks you're starving and wants you to eat a lot and stock up so you don't die. Imagine, if your brain thinks starvation and death are near, the urges to eat food are going to be STRONG! Makes sense.

If this is not you, then you binge eat for a few other reasons. Either you learned this habit as a kid (I'll explain more about the significance of habits in a moment). Or you binge eat because you see it as a reward or it gets you high.

Why You Continue To Binge Eat

Once you start binge eating, it become so hard to stop because a habit forms in your brain. Plain and simple. defines habit as –
"A recurrent, often unconscious pattern of behavior that is acquired through frequent repetition."

In other words, when you repeat an action, it becomes a habit unconsciously. So after a short while, the reason why you started to binge in the first place doesn't much matter. Because the habit has formed.

Then, you have a bad habit on your hands. A pattern your brain serves up because that's what you taught it. Not some deep-rooted emotion flaw.

And changing your habits can be easier than you think! See HERE for the 5 easy steps!

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